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NEW NEW ProMaster VSD400

Davey’s NEW ProMaster VSD400, big brother to the 200. Now available through your local Davey Master Dealer.

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NEW CrystalClear Media Filters

When it comes to premium pool filters, look no further than the Davey Crystal Clear Media filter. Constructed with strong corrosion and UV resistant reinforced fiberglass and the unique T-Lateral internal tank design, gives you better filtration and a sparkling pool.

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Australia’s most popular firefighting pump

Here is a quick take on the Davey Firefighter range:

  1. Applications include fire-fighting, water transfer, agricultural spraying, sheep jetting and use with a jet pump attachment to get water from a well.
  2. Ideal for fighting fires during the fire season and for water transfer for the rest of the year
  3. Single stage models offer high flow rates and strong pressure for standard use
  4. Twin stage models offer higher pressures to provide greater throw allowing you to stand further back from a fire or to transfer water further uphill.
  5. Flows from 350lpm – 1000lpm
  6. Class leading performance
  7. Designed and made in Australia to suit tough Australian conditions
  8. No 1 in Australia and sold all over the world

Why are the Davey Firefighting pumps so popular?

It all comes down to better real world performance

Davey Firefighting pumps have the ability to draw water better and throw more of it out further in a real world situation and to keep on doing under harsh conditions. This is a reality backed by actual customer experiences and supported by a list of unique engineering features.

Patented wet end – Class leading performance so you can stand further back and have more water where you need it.

Thrust balance drum and equalization holes in impeller – for extended engine life

Patented independent floating neck rings – Give dramatically reduced engine wear to ensure optimal performance is maintained even after long periods of operation in harsh conditions such as pumping gritty water.

Option of Viton seals for agricultural spraying – V models come with Viton seals for improved chemical resistance

Great tasting water free from impurities with Davey Microlene water purifiers

How safe is your Tank water?

Out of sight, out of mind is the way it has always been with tank water but that line of thinking is now changing. After all, why would you drink water that could potentially contain animal faeces as well as sediment, heavy metals and pesticides, when the cost of avoiding this is so reasonable? Often it’s not you but your children or your houseguests who end up getting sick. Many businesses such as B & B’s, restaurants and community schools are realizing the implications untreated water can cause.

In a recent government push, The South Australian Safe Drinking Water Act 2012 has made provisions for registration of water providers and audits of water quality with consumer access to the results.

As Summer approaches  E-coli and bacteria levels in rainwater tanks naturally increase as temperatures heat up. A clear signal that something isn’t right is an unpleasant taste or odour coming from your rainwater tank and water supply.

Fortunately, Davey has a way to give your family total peace of mind that will suit your situation and budget.

The Solutions 

Aquashield Packaged Systems are an all in one water pressure and treatment system that provides safe, clean water to the whole house. A fully factory tested and assembled system, it is completely plug and play and includes a pump and Torrium controller, two stage filtration for sediment  and cyst removal followed by a Steriflo UV system to neutralize any bacteria present in the supply. Aquashield packaged systems are also available with Davey RainBank for those using both tank and mains water as their water supply.

Aquashield Wall Mount Systems are for installations where a pump is already installed. The system contains the two stage stage filtration for sediment and cyst removal followed by a Steriflo UV system to neutralize any bacteria present in the supply. Ready to mount onto an external wall, it has water safety covered.

Aquasafe for water disinfection is a cost effective means of treating bacteria present in rainwater tanks. Proven to kill over 170 types of bacteria and viruses it breaks down to oxygen and water so is safe to use in drinking water supplies.

The formula is unique and patented and exclusively distributed by Davey for treating tank water. It is effective for up to 2 months at a cost of only $2 to treat 1000 litres.  Further information on Davey Acquasafe can be found at


Torrium 2 From water pressure to water prestige

Six reasons why Davey Torrium 2 offers superior water pressure.

  1. Many water pressure controllers can let water pressure drop to as low as 50% of demand before they cut in resulting in unwanted basin splash. Davey Torrium®2 is unique in that it does the “thinking” for you, by cutting-in at 80% of the system water pressure when the water is turned back on.  This means smoother and more consistent water pressure, that comes on strong whenever you need it.
  2. Torrium®2 has dry run protection that will automatically switch the pump off, in the event that your water tank is empty, protecting your pump from damage.
  3. Torrium®2 also protects your pump from potentially pump destroying high or low voltage.
  4. Torrium®2 is designed with larger internal passages for energy efficient water flow. This means reduced pressure losses and greater efficiency when compared to other pressure controllers.
  5. Torrium®2 can be installed vertically or horizontally for installation flexibility.
  6. Torrium®2 also includes an auto-retry feature that resets itself after losing prime and has proven reliability in tough conditions both here, and internationally.

Davey Chlorinators Testimonial

A testimonial from Kings Swim School in Narre Warren Victoria talking about the benefits and results they have acheived by installing a Davey salt water chlorinator.

Not only has the quality of their pool water been much easier to maintain, but they have also had a significant reduction in their operating and chemical costs.

Crystal clear pools naturally with Davey Chloromatic salt chlorinators

Expert Advice For Keeping Your Pool Balanced

The use of Pool and Spa chemicals is a must, to ensure your water remains balanced. An unbalanced pool can be unsafe for swimming and have adverse effects on the pool itself and your pool equipment.

Pool chemicals are now available from a wide variety of outlets, however many adopt a ‘cash & carry’ approach that places all responsibility on the pool owner. The management of pool and spa water and in turn the interaction between different chemicals is complex and should only be given by a trained professional.

Your Davey pool dealer has qualified and trained staff who can provide you with knowledgeable advice to kept your pool chemical use to a minimum. Only they can check your pool equipment to make sure it’s operating efficiently and maintain your equipment to avoid expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.

Keep your pool in check and contact us today.


Safe, secure water for drinking with Davey Steriflo UV and Filterpure filtration

Microlene Taste the savings

While other water filter systems require you to change the filter as often as every 6 months, Davey Microlene can give you sparkling great tasting water for up to 3 years – so you can save big time on your cost of ownership, plus not having the hassle of frequently buying and replacing your filter. In fact compared to a competitive unit of the same initial cost ($270) that requires a $30 filter every 3 months you will save approximately $107 in filters every 3 years.

This long filter life (up to 3 years on town water and up to 2 years on tank water) is due to a purification media called KDF that is unique to Microlene.  KDF reduces the load on the activated carbon in the Microlene to give this long life but also removes pollutants and heavy metals and odours.

Come to a Davey Dealer and taste the difference

Above all once you have tasted the water from Microlene you won’t ever go back to the taste of chlorine or rust in your tap water or odours from your tank water. Over 100 of our dealers have our Microlene taste test unit installed. Give them a call and come in to taste the difference for yourself.

Here is a list of some of the contaminants that Microlene reduces or completely removes:





Cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium








How much can Microlene save you on tap water?

Let’s say you buy 5 x 500ml of bottled water per week at a cost of $3.00

That’s  $6.00 per litre and 130 litres of water per year at total cost of  $780.

At around $270 Microlene provides up to 30,000 litres of great tasting water for up to 3 years, that’s only $90 per year – a saving in this example of $690 per year or $2070 over 3 years.  As the bench top model needs to be hard plumbed, installation is an additional factor, but still offers significant savings.

Renting or on holiday? The Davey Microlene top of bench unit that takes 30 seconds to fit.

This simply clips onto the bottom of your normal kitchen tap so there are no fitting costs. Small and portable, the bench top Microlene is also great for travelling, caravan parks etc. where the taste of water can be downright ordinary.

While Microlene filters down to 1 micron that will remove giardia and cryptosporidium you need to ensure the water is microbiologically safe.  Davey offer Acquasafe or our Steriflo UV systems to ensure your water safety.


SAVE UP TO 70% of your pool’s running costs with PMECO

There is plenty of literature out there with energy efficiency claims that seem to be “too good to be believed”.  Can you actually save up to 70% of the running costs of a pool pump by buying a multispeed or variable speed pump in it’s place?

The simple answer is…. yes you can! The exact amount of money you can save will depend on your specific pool setup, but when compared to the costs of a conventional pool pump, the savings are significant.

The reason is simple.  When you push a greater volume of water through pipework,  a lot of the energy goes to overcoming pipe friction – and in fact this amount of energy is disproportionate to the amount of water that flows.

Essentially, the energy operating cost of pushing more water rises faster, than the increase in flow you are getting.

A simple fact to remember is that reducing the flow rate by 50% reduces the energy used by 87%. So if you reduce your flow rate from 300lpm to 150lpm with a variable or multispeed pump, you can get half the flow for only 13% of the energy.

So that means you can run the pump for twice as long at 150lpm and only use 26% of the energy you would have used to deliver a flow of 300lpm.

The operating principle of a multispeed pump such as the Davey PMEco is that you use the lowest speed for cost effective filtration, the middle speed to run your suction cleaner and the high speed is only used for backwashing. By doing this, you are saving energy for the vast majority of the time the pump is running. The longer timeframe still allows you to achieve the required pool turnover but be way ahead on energy costs.

For example: Running a multi speed pump such as the Davey PMEco will allow you to turn over a 60,000 litre pool (10m x 4m x 1.5m) in as little as 6 hours 40 minutes on low speed.

You can save even more if you partner your pool pump with a Davey PoolSweepa Robotic Cleaner. This will give you a level of clean beyond any suction cleaner but also help to reduce your power bill.  The fully robotic models are independently powered and do not require your pump to run them.

Whilst variable speed or multi speed pumps give you the ultimate in flexibility what matters most is that your filtration flow rate is right for your pool to do the job effectively.  Pool design and efficiency of pipework is an important factor and you can discuss this with one of our professional Davey pool dealers for further advice.

If variable or multispeed pumps are not right for your pool design, the Davey Silensor is another good option. Correctly specified this single speed pump has a very efficiently designed wet end and the water cooled motor offers very quiet running over older style traditional pool pumps.

Your local Davey Master Dealer can help you identify the pump you have and estimate how much you are likely to save by moving to an appropriately sized Davey pool pump.

Relaxing spa powered by Davey pool & spa equipment

Reminder For Healthy Water in Spas

It’s best to change the water in spas every three to four months, or replace about one-third of the volume every three to four weeks. Being hot changes the treatment regime for spa pool water. Properly applied, chemicals will keep it clean and healthy eradicating all viruses, bacteria and algae.

As a Davey Pool Dealer we can provide a test kit and advice on its use. It’s best to test the water before each use or weekly when not used. Always allow one hour before using the spa after adding chemicals to the water. Regularly check Total Alkalinity, pH and sanitiser (Chlorine or Bromine) levels.



When refilling your spa it is important to ensure that you fill from your filter to avoid air getting caught in the pipe work of your spa pool.

The process is easy; simply place your hose in the mouth of the skimmer filter box. This helps to push air out of the pipe work and spa jets. Commonly referred to as air locks, this problem can cause spa pumps to purge leading to poor spa performance, inadequate filtration and additional operating costs as the pump cycles between high and low speed.

Another easy way to fix an air lock is to turn all equipment off at the main switch and slowly loosen the barrel union on the discharge of your spa pump. Continue to loosen the barrel union until a small amount of water begins to leak helping to release any air. Retighten the barrel union and switch the equipment back on. The surging issue should now be corrected, saving you a service call.

For more information on Davey spa pool pumps, skim filters or spa controllers talk to us today!